Multi-Screen Vibro Separator & Filter

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Lao Soung (LS)'s Multi-Screen Vibro Separator & Filter

Lao Soung Machinery Co., Ltd. is a sieve separator machine manufacturer from Taiwan. Their sieve separator machines are suitable for various industries including food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint and coating, metal powder and recycling. Particular with our Multi-Screen Vibro Separator & Filter, it is quiet, certified, eco-friendly and functional.

Lao Soung (LS) has been providing sieve separator machine with separation and size reduction solutions since 1975. With both advanced vibrating separator technology and 41 years of experience, Lao Soung (LS) always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Multi-Screen Vibro Separator & Filter

Multi-Deck Vibro Separator & Filter
Multi-Deck Vibro Separator & Filter

Lao Soung's Multi-Screen Vibro Separators are highly versatile and customisable. With a large range of modifications and accessories available, the Multi-Screen Vibro Separator can easily be customised to suit your unique application.

  • Basic Multi - Screen Models - Basic model of multi-deck round sieving machine
    Basic Multi - Screen Models

    Designed for generic separation, the LS basic model is suitable for wet/dry, grading, classification, de-dusting, and quality control. The multi-purpose model is essential to improve quality and safety of production materials, increase productivity, and reduce cost and labour.

  • Multi-Screen Series with Special Designs - Special designs for multi-screen series
    Multi-Screen Series with Special Designs

    Lao Soung has a range of specially designed separators to better accommodate any separation requirements you may have. Each designed for seamless implementation into existing production facilities. Please also see our accessories section for other generic add-ons.

  • Flange Designs of Multi-Screen Series - Different screen frame designs
    Flange Designs of Multi-Screen Series

    Decades of working with various industries has resulted in several alternative flange designs, each with its own strength and applications. All designed with the same concepts in mind, durable and easier to use and clean.