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Lao Soung (LS)

Lao Soung Machinery Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Sieving Machine, Separation Equipment, Vibrating Separator, Vibrating Screening Equipment, Shaker Screener, Multi - Deck Vibrating Separator, Round Separator, Multi - Deck Vibrating Filter, Noiseless Vibrating Separator, Ultrasonic Screener, Vibrating Sieve, Shaker Screen Manufacturer Lao Soung (LS) has been offering our customers high quality sieving machine, round separator, vibratory sifter, vibrating sieve, vibro separator, ultrasonic sieve, vibrating separator, vibratory separator, grading sieve, pharmaceutical sieve, vibrating screening machine since 1975. With both advanced technology and 41 years experience, Lao Soung (LS) always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


Lao Soung has been providing separation solutions to the recycling industry for decades, and has acquired vastly experience and in-depth knowledge in this fast evolving industry. With experiences in organic, plastic, rubber, metal, and oil/water recycling, Lao Soung is well equipped to assist with your every recycling need.

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  • High Capacity (H)
    High Capacity (H)

    High capacity design features a modified bottom frame, with an inclined base to promote faster discharge of undersized material, increasing separation capacity. Suitable when the finest class has majority.

  • Raised Rim Inlet (R)
    Raised Rim Inlet (R)

    Raised Rim inlet is designed primarily for continuous separation, particularly in wet separation. Inlet port consists of a raised rim welded directly onto the top frame. Raised rim design features a larger inlet port, allowing continuous, high volume feed with ease. The raised rim also prevents splashing in liquid applications.

  • Stationary Noiseless Compact Sieve - LS-450
    Stationary Noiseless Compact Sieve - LS-450

    LS-450 series is the larger model of the Noiseless High Performance Vibro Separator & Filter. Unlike the smaller model, the LS-450 is too heavy for tabletops or benches, but still does not require to be bolted down. Available with the rotary bush system.

  • Mobile Noiseless Compact Sieve - LS-450A
    Mobile Noiseless Compact Sieve - LS-450A

    Various types of mobile chassis available to suit industry requirements.