High Capacity (H)

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Lao Soung (LS)'s High Capacity (H)

Lao Soung Machinery Co., Ltd. is a sieve separator machine manufacturer from Taiwan. Their sieve separator machines are suitable for various industries including food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint and coating, metal powder and recycling. Particular with our High Capacity (H), it is quiet, certified, eco-friendly and functional.

Lao Soung (LS) has been providing sieve separator machine with separation and size reduction solutions since 1975. With both advanced vibrating separator technology and 41 years of experience, Lao Soung (LS) always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

High Capacity (H)

High capacity design features a modified bottom frame, with an inclined base to promote faster discharge of undersized material, increasing separation capacity. Suitable when the finest class has majority.

(Special Discharge Port)


  • Increased productivity - Faster discharge of undersized material allows continuous production even at high volumes.
  • Less build up of material - materials are less likely to be trapped inside the bottom frame, prevents blockage and reduces the likelihood of materials going foul from not leaving the separator.

Applicable Models

ModelNoiseless High PerformanceMulti-Screen
High Capacity Design  

Specification Table

ModelPowerDimension (L x W x H, mm)Weight (KG)
LS-600-1S3/4 HP790790810100
LS-800-1S1 HP910980880155
LS-1000-1S2 HP11301130980220
LS-1200-1S2 HP129013901150333
LS-1500-1S3 HP159016501310527
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