Quick Release Clamp

Lao Soung Machinery is a sieving solution provider that has improving customers' product quality and production efficiency by manufacturing and supplying high quality separator and filter.

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Lao Soung (LS)'s Quick Release Clamp

Lao Soung Machinery Co., Ltd. is a sieve separator machine manufacturer from Taiwan. Their sieve separator machines are suitable for various industries including food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint and coating, metal powder and recycling. Particular with our Quick Release Clamp, it is quiet, certified, eco-friendly and functional.

Lao Soung (LS) has been providing sieve separator machine with separation and size reduction solutions since 1975. With both advanced vibrating separator technology and 41 years of experience, Lao Soung (LS) always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Quick Release Clamp

Quick release clamp replaces one side of the clamp with a handle release, allowing release of the clamp ring without tools. The other side remains a threaded rod for tightening purpose.

Applicable Models

ModelNoiseless High PerformanceMulti-Screen
Quick Release Clamp