At Lao Soung, in additional to recommend the most suitable round separators after fully understanding of customner's unique requirement, by being familiar with the all kinds of production procedures, our professional sales engineers could also help customers clarify the causes behind the sieving problem and provide the suitable solutions.

Operation problems:

Beyond the warranty period or warranty void, customer shall be responsible for all the expenses incurred such as component, freight charge, caily salary, flight charge, etc.

This warranty does not cover:

(1) Consumables. (2) Motor is fully submerged in water or experiencing phase fai ure. (3) Machine tailure or parts damage caused by improper or abnormal use, misuse, neglect, or accident. (4) Failure or damage caused by unauthorized modifications and specification changes. (5) Damage caused by non-compliance with the maintenance provisions of the operating manual. (6) Failure or damage resulting from force majeure, such as nature disasters, wars, etc.

Operatlonal problem obvlation:

When machine malfunction ar perfonnance issue reported, our sales engineers will provide professional guidance that helps eliminate the operationalproblems.

Machine adjustment:

Our sales engineers can provide off-site suggestions based on client's particular sieving requirement. An on-site inspection could also be arranged as the operating conditions may not be cleary inforned by telephone conversation. Please contact the authorized local agentdistributor for more information.

At Lao Soung, we deeply understand that to ensure a smooth production line is paramount important. Ta reduce the downtime, we keep sufficient amount of consurnables and parts so that custorners can quickly have thern changed. Of course, only Lao Soung Machinery and its authorized dealers allow you to acquire the quality original parts in the shortest time. All machines and parts made by Lao Soung Machinery are under strict quality control. Even your machine has been operated for more than 10 years; new parts can always be fitted perfectly and properly installed.

Therefore, Lao Soung's commitment to customer service is the greatest assurance to high efficiency for your business and vibro-separator & filter you have. We guarantee that Lao Soung Vibro-Separator & Filter can properly operate more than 20 years under normal operating condition.