LS-450SA Mobile Compact Noiseless Separator

LS-450SA Mobile Compact Noiseless Separator


LS-450SA combines the highly efficient separator with a stainless steel or painted carbon steel mobile stand, complete with mounted push button switch.

● SUS304 or Painted Carbon Steel Stand- combines a LS-450S with a mobile chassis made of stainless steel square hollow sections or painted carbon steel angles.
● Mobility - fast relocation, one separator for multiple products or applications across different stages of production.
● Stability - all floor contacts are rubber mounts when stationary. No contact between floor and casters during operation, separator will not "run away" due to vibration.
● Modifications available on request - chassis height can be modified, additional components available on request.

Specification Table
Model Power Packing Dimension
(L X W X H, MM)
Screen size
(diameter X high, MM)
LS-450SA 1/2HP 500×500×1000 Ø448m/m×135m/m 48KG