Raised Rim Inlet

Raised Rim Inlet


Raised Rim inlet is designed primarily for continuous separation, particularly in wet separation. Inlet port consists of a raised rim welded directly onto the top frame. Raised rim design features a larger inlet port, allowing continuous, high volume feed with ease. The raised rim also prevents splashing in wet applications.

● High volume - Larger inlet port allows continuous feed with ease, ideal for wet separation, and in particular liquid recycling.
● Contained operation - Raised rim prevents splashing in wet separation, for a cleaner operating environment with less material loss.
● Lower maintenance - Raised rim welded directly onto the top frame reduces the number of components and lowers the amount of material trapped between parts.

Applicable models
Model compact noiseless
Multi Deck
LS-300 LS-450 LS-600 LS-800 LS-1000 LS-1200 LS-1500
Raised Rim Inlet V V V V V
Specification Table
Model Power Packing Dimension
(L X W X H, MM)
Screen size
(diameter X high, MM)