High Capacity Design

High Capacity Design


High capacity design features a modified bottom frame, with an inclined base to promote faster discharge of material, increasing production capacity. Suitable when majority of the particles will pass through the screen.

● Increased productivity - Faster discharge of undersized material allows continuous production even at high volumes.
● Less build-up of material - materials are less likely to be trapped inside the bottom frame, prevents blockage and reduces the likelihood of materials going foul from not discharging from the separator.
Applicable models
Model compact noiseless
Multi Deck
LS-300 LS-450 LS-600 LS-800 LS-1000 LS-1200 LS-1500
High Capacity Design V V V V V
Specification Table
Model Power Packing Dimension(L X W X H, MM) weight(KG)
length width height
LS-600-1S 3/4 HP 790 790 810 100
LS-800-1S 1 HP 910 980 880 155
LS-1000-1S 2 HP 1130 1130 980 220
LS-1200-1S 2 HP 1290 1390 1150 333
LS-1500-1S 3 HP 1590 1650 1310 527