Discharge Gate Design

Discharge Gate Design


Our patented discharge gate allows control of material discharge rate, without powering down the separator. Gates can also be fully closed during operation, allowing more fine particles to pass through and reduce wastage.

The patented discharge gate provides finer control and flexibility to the production process, making it one of the most popular designs offered by Lao Soung Machinery.

● Uninterrupted control - gates can be fully/partial opened or closed without turning the separator off.
● Flexibility to production process - partially closed gate can reduce discharge rate, allowing observation or changes made to the production line without prolonged shutdown.
● Thorough separation and less wastage - Fully closed gate will trap material inside the frame, prolongs sifting time of particles and preventing usable material going to waste.
Applicable models
Model compact noiseless
Multi Deck
LS-300 LS-450 LS-600 LS-800 LS-1000 LS-1200 LS-1500
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Specification Table
Model Power Packing Dimension (L X W X H, MM) weight (KG)
length width height
LS-600-1S 3/4 HP 790 790 740 95
LS-800-1S 1 HP 910 980 830 145
LS-1000-1S 2 HP 1130 1130 880 211
LS-1200-1S 2 HP 1290 1390 1040 313
LS-1500-1S 3 HP 1590 1650 1200 497