LS-300S Tabletop Compact Noiseless Separator

LS-300S Tabletop Compact Noiseless Separator


LS-300S is the smallest commercial separator available. Light weight and low profile allows the LS-300S to be used on tabletops or benches without the need to be bolted down. Ideal for small scale separation or pre-production testing.

● Low power requirement - only single-phase power required.
● Compact - low profile and light weight, can be moved without tools, can be used on tabletops of benches.
● Highly efficient and versatile - can be used for wet and/or dry separation, up to 400 mesh.
Fast frame change - Lao Soung's patented clip-on flange design allows near instant frame change.
● Controlled vibration - minimal wear and tear, minimal maintenance and noiseless. Also minimizes dusting.
● All contact parts and base in SUS304. Contact parts in SUS316 available on request.
Specification Table
Model Power Packing Dimension
(L X W X H, MM)
Screen size
(diameter X high, MM)
LS-300S 1/6HP 320 x 350 x 520 Ø300mm x 125mm 18Kg